We build AI tools that augment how we work, learn, and live.

Apps built with Mana

Your AI assistant for every part of your life.

AI assistants that help you to sell products, find jobs, learn faster, delight your kids and surprise your friends -
all in seconds, on all your devices.


Automate sales outreach with instant lead generation and AI-personalized emails.

Coming Soon

Content Marketing

Grow your business faster with AI-powered SEO article generation.


Explain any concept and get instant feedback on your work.


Automate CV/cover Letter writing, and get instant career advice.

Build Your Own

Request a custom built AI product for your business.

Core Features

Describe it, and it's done.

Mana doesn't simply answer questions - it connects to tools to get the job done.

Generate and Summarize Text
Generate Personalized Images
Scrape, Clean and Export Data
Create and Edit Documents
Connect to Real Human Experts
Use on Any Device, from Browser to Mobile